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--Dr. Lara Long and Dr. Rebecca Long

Eli D., 6/28/17

I sprained my spine when I turned 19 and have had pain every day since. I’ve been to over 20 chiropractors.

When I came to Long Chiropractic Center, I thought, “Hmm…I’ve never seen this technique before.” Amazingly, after three months of treatment, my vertebrae, which haven’t moved in 40 years, are now moving. The doctors showed me the improvement in an x-ray, but I didn’t need the x-ray to confirm the healing taking place. My muscle spasms were greatly reduced and I can turn my head.

Dr. Becky, Dr. Lara and Dr. Lindsay have worked seeming miracles on me. I’ve had more good days than ever.

These doctors know the real meaning of doctoring. They start from a love of people and a desire to help, and they celebrate with their patients when they improve. If you want a doctor that loves you, come to Long’s!

David Y., 6/26/17

3 months ago, I got into a 4 car collision accident on the highway which resulted in 3 whiplashes on my neck, pain in lowerback and lower leg which was holding the break. Immediately, I went to a chiropractor in Seattle downtown that seemed to be reliable, only to find out that he'd decided to decline giving me service after the first visit because I asked "too many questions." In my profession, I work in the health care setting closely with MD, RNs and MSW's. We promote empathy and compassion as much as physical care. After rejection from this initial chiropractor without any referrals, I was lost, in shock, scared and felt helpless because I did not know how to trust doctors anymore.

After struggling for a couple of more weeks in search of a chiropractor who'll actually "listen" to my needs, I called Dr. Long's chiropractor through my colleague's recommendation. First, the reason why I called Dr. Long's office was because of Dr. Becky and Lara's deeply rooted family history of chiropractic practice. Their father has been a well-respected chiropractor in Washington for decades, and other family members have been also chiropractors. This family history helped me to take a step toward trust once again. Secondly, I remember even now, my first phone conversation with Dr. Long's office. I shared with the front desk person how vulnerable I am feeling about the doctor's visits. Without judgments, she was completely empathetic in her words. Then, Dr. Becky actually picked up a phone call and spoke with me further with compassionate and caring presence about my past chiropractic experience. She acknowledged both my physical and emotional pain; I finally felt heard. 

I also recall my first meeting with Dr. Lara Long who has been my main chiropractor in this office. I remember the office was quite busy with lots of people walking in and out. I was placed in a quiet examination room. When Dr. Lara Long walked in, I got a sense that she was not only seeing me as a patient/client, but utmost, as a person who needed care, empathy and compassion. With gentleness and understanding, she shared with me her own challenges with medical care system. She shared with me that she also likes to ask questions to the doctors she sees herself--patients/clients should feel heard in all their specific questions. She was real and I was seen as a person, which helped me to trust her as a person and as a doctor. 

This was my first female chiropractor experience. I was curious as to how they'd maneuver a male person's body. Every time Dr. Lara, Becky and Lindsay adjust my neck and my spine, I am surprised by how strong and gentle they can be at the same time. They take care of themselves and know how to adjust patients without unnecessary force. 

I've been seen by all doctors in Long Chiropractic Center and have had such a pleasure walking into their office. Not only the doctors but also the entire staff show such kind and loving presence to all patients, families as well as to each other. I have a tremendous respect for Dr. Lara, Becky and Lindsay and the team in this office. Through this office, I have not only received physical care but also have been undergoing emotional healing from my hurtful experience. I definitely recommend Long Chiropractic Center as a place to experience holistic care.

Sarah M., 6/13/17

I first saw Dr Becky when I had rib out when I was pregnant with my 2nd kid. After just a few sessions, it was dealt with. Amazing. After that, I had chronic hip pain that I had been dealing with for years. I mean YEARS. I had perviously seen a chiropractor, physical therapist, cranial sacral, feldenkries, you name it I probably did it. Nothing helped. I thought I was in for a long life of pain in particular when I rode my horse, which was the saddest part of the deal. But I gotta say, after some time, Dr Becky freakin cured me. Now, every once in awhile, I have pain, I go and see her and BAM! taken care of. A-FREAKIN-MAZING. No, lifetime of weekly or biweekly appts, just a tune up once a month and I'm good to go. Pain-free. I HIGHLY recommend you see her and her amazing team. They are amazing.

Jen L., 9/22/14, updated 6/10/17

Update: It's now June 2017 and I've been seeing these amazing Chiropractors every other week since my first post. I couldn't imagine going any longer than that without an adjustment, for my own health and wellness (everyone is different), or at all. They save me when I'm not feeling well, when I'm having back pain, headaches or if I'm not feeling like myself. 

I've always been extremely skeptical of Chiropractors, not to mention the last one I saw before coming here deterred me from ever seeing one again. But after receiving treatment here and with specific incidents that have happened, I can honestly say I'm a "believer." Their upper-cervical and cranial adjustments have gotten me through some awful migraines and one of the worst colds I've EVER had. Yes, getting adjusted when you're sick will help you get better much faster. I've also been in a few car accidents and my back and neck haven't been the same since. Dr. Lara and Becky keep me from being in pain. When I'm not feeling focused, I go get my atlas checked and taken care of if it's out of alignment. It's like I get my entire system reconnected. 

If you attend the class (which is informal), you get one free exam with one set of x-rays. You learn some history of chiropractics, the doctors themselves, what it all means, hear some stories you wouldn't believe, and leave completely enlightened. After then, it is your responsibility to take care of payment- if you have insurance, they graciously check your benefits during your initial visit so you know what they are before you leave. If you don't have insurance you pay their cash fees (just like any other business would have it). And if you can't afford to pay any fees up front, they set up a payment plan.

The staff and Drs. are all super friendly and it is also a family friendly office. They don't typically adjust you during the day of your exam because, as I understand, they don't like to adjust not knowing what they need to adjust ("going in blind"). Which makes sense- I don't want anyone adjusting what doesn't need to be adjusted. If it's absolutely necessary, they will do an "emergency adjustment." I highly recommend hear amazing chiropractors!


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "How can I tell people the difference. I have been to acupuncturists, massage therapists, shamans, medical doctors and chiropractors. Nothing is like what Long Chiropractic has done for me. The freedom from pain, freedom from muscle spasms, the freedom to sleep all night. Yes, my highest recommendation."
    Scott M.
  • "Wonderful!!! So understanding. So sweet. I have never believed in chiropractors. I had never seen one. My sister referred me to this clinic. Amazing, love them. A+++"
    Jennifer W.