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Chiropractic can be considered the "fountain of youth" because of its powerful influence in improving the way your body functions. How effectively your body works and functions is dictated by your nervous system. People tend to forget the direct relationship between the spine and the nervous system and that good health depends on this key concept. Our nervous system is the link between the brain and every single muscle, organ, tissue and cell in the body, so proper communication is vital for our health and survival.  When the body is introduced to stress (such as falls, accidents, tension, overexertion, and countless other factors) the bones in your spine can shift out of place, putting pressure on your nervous

CSP-2009.07-24_1.jpg system, which can limit the communication from brain to body. Similar to a dimmer switch on a wall, the energy gets turned down so function is reduced to the specific organ or tissue that the nerve communicates with. This lack of function eventually will cause malfunction and over time dis-ease in the body.  Your body has a powerful, self-healing ability as long as it gets proper communication to function correctly.  As chiropractors, we detect and correct these misalignments (i.e. subluxations) so your nervous system can operate at its full potential and your body is able to communicate more effectively to all parts of the body, resulting in improved health and vitality!!!

Wellness Care & Prevention of Disease

Wellness.jpg Motion is the key to life and the cornerstone of your health and well being. It's when we are sedentary that our bodies begin to break down. This theory is the same for the spine.  Research shows that arthritic changes to spinal joints are not age related but rather due to trauma left untreated in the body over time. When the body is introduced to trauma (damage to a joint and its supporting structures), it has its own healing response.  Initially, inflammation is introduced to the injured area to maximize healing. As a protective measure, muscles splint to limit motion, and pain fibers become more sensitive.  If the joint is unable to regain full range of motion, the brain will continue to flush it with inflammation. Over time, if motion continues to be limited, the body will start to build up calcification to the injured joint.  This process can occur in the absence of pain!  This calcification (i.e. degenerative arthritis,  spinal arthritis, bone spurs, osteoarthritis, etc) will continue until the joint regains full range of motion and inflammation is reduced.  If the joints are healthy and the nerves are communicating properly, dysfunction and disease can be prevented.  As Chiropractors, our aim is to make you feel better and more importantly, improve how your body functions so disease and malfunction can be prevented and health and longevity can be maintained throughout your lifetime. 

Pediatric Care

finley_1.JPG No one is free of stress (i.e. physical, chemical, emotional) and this includes infants, toddlers, and young kids.  The very first stress a child experiences in life is from the birth process.   Numerous articles and experts have cautioned us on the damage that occurs to the nervous system in the spine of newborns during the trauma involved in the common birth process. This damage can range from mild subluxations (e.g. spinal misalignments) in the upper neck to more serious subluxations involving neural hemorrhage, spinal cord damage, or central nervous system problems.  These subluxations can reduce proper function which means that


many children start life with less than 100% function or communication from brain to body.  It is imperative that children get checked as early as possible so their bodies can function properly as they grow and develop.  The methods we use to detect and correct subluxations in children are very safe and gentle.  Wouldn't you like to know that your child's brain has 100% communication to its body?  

Wouldn't you want your child to start their life with 100% function and nothing less?  We hope this for all of our patients.

Auto Accidents

There is no such thing as a small accident.  Research shows that bumpers that are manufactured today are so strong that they don't buckle with impact. That means most of the force during an accident gets absorbed by your body.  


"Just because you walk away from an accident doesn't mean that you weren't hurt."  Any time the body is involved with a force that is greater than it can handle, the muscles and ligaments that support the spine become injured.  These injuries can alter the position of the spine and can cause your nerves to become pinched.  A pinched nerve decreases the communication from the brain to the body.  If the body is left with nervous system interference, it can lead to dysfunction and eventually disease over time.   

"Remember, if you are hurt in a motor vehicle accident, everyone else in the car experienced the same trauma!"  Even though the other passengers are not complaining of symptoms, it is always important to get them checked to make sure that the soft tissue that supports the spine is not injured.  

Additional Information: Article on Low Velocity Impact, Vehicular Damage and Passenger Injury

Work Related Injuries

WorkInjury.jpg The State of Washington is a very strong state for employees: if you are injured at work you have the right to receive treatment.  We have helped hundreds of people with job related injuries return to work free of pain and feeling stronger.  If you feel you were injured at work, a thorough chiropractic examination will help determine the extent of your injury and the necessary care that you need.  If you have any questions about your rights or in filing a claim, please feel free to call us or go to: 




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