Pettibon Upper Cervical Technique

The Pettibon Upper Cervical Technique focuses on the top bone of the spine called the Atlas or C1. The Atlas vertebra has two unique characteristics that separate it from other areas of the spine. One important factor is that the Atlas is a highly movable area compared to most areas of the spine. Secondly, the brain stem passes through the middle of the Atlas as it begins to transition into the spinal cord. These two factors make this a vulnerable area when we get injured. The brain stem plays many vital roles in keeping us alive and healthy as all information to and from our body passes through this delicate area. When the Atlas is moved out of place or "subluxated" it can put pressure on the brain stem. This can decrease the energy in other parts of the body, leading to malfunction and eventually, disease. Just like a dimmer switch on a wall, the energy gets turned down, causing a reduction in communication from brain to body.

By using relevant principles of mathematics, physics, kinesiology, and biomechanics in our analysis we are able to determine specifically how the Atlas is subluxated so we can restore it to its natural position and thus allow your body to regain optimal function and health.

Thompson Drop Table

This low force technique uses a "segmental drop table" to enhance the motion of the spinal segments or area to be adjusted while allowing us to work with the body in its natural plane with no bending or rotating of the spine.  This table allows us to work with patients of all ages from small children to elderly adults.

There is usually no "popping or cracking" with the Thompson Drop Table Adjustment.


Activator Methods

The Activator instrument is designed to deliver a specifically controlled thrust without undue strain to the patient.  Due to the quick nature of the force that is applied it allows us to stimulate the joints and nervous system before the body's reflexes can respond and tighten up the local muscles.  This makes the activator effective and comfortable for all types of patients, ranging from pregnant women, babies and children, to athletes, and seniors.  For more information go to


Webster Breech Turning Technique

During pregnancy any position of the baby other than a normal (vertex) position is most often a sign of intrauterine constraint which can be caused by spinal misalignments.  By adjusting these misalignments the uterus can relax and sit in a better position allowing the baby to return to a normal healthy position.  It typically takes 6-8 treatments so adequate time is needed to insure favorable results.

These gentle adjustments do not put undue stress on the baby or mother.


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