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Health Class

The Health Class is given every Wednesday at 6:00pm and is a great chance to meet Dr. Lara and Dr. Becky as they discuss chiropractic and how it influences your health and well being. The Health Class is no longer than 60 minutes, it is at no charge to you. Health related questions and concerns are welcome. People who attend the Health Class are given a free gift valued at $195 that includes the opportunity to schedule a consultation, examination, and one set of x-rays to determine the extent of your problem or injury. This offer excludes Personal Injury (PIP) and Labor & Industries claims.

Our goal is to bring chiropractic to as many people as possible.


Attendance of our 45 minute health class on Wednesday evenings qualifies you for a complimentary consultation, spinal examination and x-rays of one spinal region.  A follow-up visit will be scheduled to review your examination findings,  followed by recommendations of care, if needed.

Valid only with attendance to our Wednesday evening health class.


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